Watch Executive Director, Deborah Humble discusses adult literacy and how it is one of the central pathways to our personal, and collective, soul on the The Dennis Report.  

Laubach Literacy NB launches new commercials.   Watch here 

Local Artist Donates Paintings for Tutoring Room

Three poppy paintings by local artist Sheila McPhee now hang on the walls of Laubach Literacy Fredericton’s tutoring room at the Victoria Health Centre, adding the finishing touches to a renovation process that began in June with the repainting of the walls by United Way Day of Caring volunteers. Tutors meet here one-on-one with their learners for private weekly sessions over the course of the learning period. The room is comfortable, quiet,  and, thanks to Sheila’s beautiful work, a welcoming and cheerful learning space. Lori Gallagher interviewed LLF tutor/board member Vivian Farrar,  Sheila, and Tutor Coordinator Deborah Humble for a feature article on the new learning space in the Thursday, Dec. 18th edition of the Daily Gleaner.

Local Learner Wins Provincial Literacy Award

Sheree Fitch Award Terri-Lynn Sharpe, a student at Laubach Literacy Fredericton, was named one of nine province-wide recipients of the Sheree Fitch Award, presented annually to adult learners who have shown excellent progress in improving their literacy skills. A photo of Terri-Lynn with her tutor Vivian Farrar and author Sheree Fitch appeared in the Fri., Nov. 30, 2012 edition of the Daily Gleaner


It is with great pleasure to share this year’s recipient of the Peter Sawyer Scholarship Award, presented by Laubach Literacy NB.

Congratulations to Danny, an Adult Literacy Learner from Fredericton, NB. 📚 👏 He is the first recipient of the new, annual Peter Sawyer Scholarship Award.

Alison Teague, Executive Director, noted in her nomination that “it has been almost six years since Danny tackled his first basic lessons. His ambition to read was very real and has not wavered since.” That is the dedication and hard work that Laubach Literacy wants to encourage.

The Peter Sawyer Scholarship was initiated by Laubach Literacy NB in 2019 upon the retirement of its founding member, Peter Sawyer. The Scholarship will be awarded annually to an adult learner registered with Laubach Literacy NB or one of its affiliated councils in recognition of their effort and commitment to the program.

Watch here to learn more about Danny’s personal Learning journey. We hope his story warms your heart too.